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We all have busy lives and can't always get to a gym or attend regular classes. M.G Healthy Solutions lets you work your training sessions around your schedule so that you work out when it's convenient for you. When you do have time to arrange a meeting and you're in the St. Augustine, Florida, area, we'll be more than happy to discuss a specific plan that will work for you. Prices depend on your specific needs and will vary from person to person.

Workout Videos

Exercise along with us as you watch our online videos that show step-by-step instructions of various routines. You'll have the benefit of training with an experienced instructor from the comfort of your own home. New to regular routines? No problem. Because you're watching a pre-recorded video, you can set the pace by pausing if you need a break or by rewinding if you've missed something. Skip the pricey monthly fees, endless searching for parking spots, and fighting over gym equipment. We bring the gym to you.


We want you to have a healthy mind as well as body, and Pilates helps you tend to both. With regular sessions, you'll experience more strength, endurance, and flexibility. Great for beginners or experienced workout vets, this form of exercise is designed so that pace and intensity can be changed based on your comfort level and area of focus. Pilates offers good exercise for the mind as well, and we'll help you focus on breathing and body alignment to make sure your total body is in the best shape it can be.

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